We are pleased to offer members the ability to purchase a variety of practice or promotional tools and products that will enhance the services featured in your practice.

Consumer Brochures (Cert.MDT/Dip.MDT only)

The all new, streamlined McKenzie consumer-focused brochure describes the approach and benefits of the McKenzie Method® and offers providers the option to personalize with relevant clinic information.

A great way to explain the basics of McKenzie while marketing your clinic at the same time!

You have the option to order imprinted or non-imprinted brochures.

For imprinted, please click here to download the form to fax or mail.

Members $40.00 Non Members $80.00
Members $60.00 Non Members $100.00
Members $90.00 Non Members $130.00
Members $150.00 Non Members $200.00

Overview Program (Cert.MDT/Dip.MDT only)

This program has been developed to assist the certified McKenzie provider who has the opportunity to provide presentations on the McKenzie Method of an introductory nature in various forms. In addition, it may also assist in local marketing efforts when meeting with Physicians, Insurance Companies, etc.

Members $0.00 Non Members $150.00

Lands' End Apparel

We have partnered with Lands' End Business Outfitters utilizing this logo to offer a variety of McKenzie logo items. You now have the flexibility to order shirts, sweaters, bags, caps and more.*

To place an order online, click Purchase then create an account and add the McKenzie MDT logo to your Logo Library using Logo Reference #0633524 and Customer #4095562. You will then have access to add our logo to your items upon ordering. Or order by phone by calling Lands' End at (800) 587-1541. You will need to provide them the customer and logo numbers as well.

* Discounted set up fee of $5.50 applies to 6 or more items; for single item orders there will be an $11.00 per item set up fee; click on the "How to Order" link on the LE Business Outfitters home page to help define the minimum order. Coordinate orders with your study groups, colleagues, etc. to help meet minimum requirements and save on set up fees!

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Against the Tide (book)

This book is of interest to all those who have been involved with Robin McKenzie and his ground-breaking discoveries for the better diagnosis and treatment of lower back pain and neck pain.

With amusing memories of his childhood, youth and his student life, this autobiography offers Robin’s account of family and practice in Wellington, New Zealand and fills out the background to the development of his Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. This book will both entertain and give readers pause for reflection on many matters. The foreword has been written by Vert Mooney, MD: one of the most respected researchers in the field of back pain in the USA.

Written by Robin McKenzie with Ron Bybee. Softcover, 184 pages.

Treat Your Own Back (book)

Written by Robin McKenzie, this worldwide best-selling book on back pain self-treatment features home exercises designed to reduce and eliminate lower back pain and sciatica.

Helping thousands of back-pain sufferers worldwide, Treat Your Own Back™ offers do-it-yourself relief of lower back pain through postural changes, ergonomics and simple exercises. It offers a clear understanding of the causes and treatments of persistent back pain.

The completely revised and formatted 9th edition of the landmark patient book contains easy-to-read, updated content from McKenzie, new photos and numerous pages of education and clinically proven exercises.

Written by Robin McKenzie. Illustrated. Softcover, 112 pages.

Treat Your Own Neck (book)

Self-treat your own chronic neck pain with this best-selling self-help guide from Robin McKenzie.

For those with persistent neck pain, Treat Your Own Neck™, 5th edition, offers a step-by-step guide to self-treatment through awareness, education and easy-to-perform McKenzie Method® exercises.

This comprehensive system for neck self-management provides relief and prevention of common neck pain and injury.

Treat Your Own Neck™ can also be a valuable complement to physical therapy, chiropractic care or other manual therapy as it can relieve pain and prevent symptoms from recurring between visits.

Written by Robin McKenzie. Illustrated. Softcover, 80 pages.

Treat Your Own Shoulder (book)

Relieve shoulder pain and soreness with the techniques shown in this book, part of the best-selling series of self-treatment guides by world-renowned physiotherapist Robin McKenzie.

Robin McKenzie's Treat Your Own Shoulder™ teaches the importance of stretching and how regular practice of proper positioning helps treat and prevent shoulder area pain.

Many treatments dispensed by doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors are prescribed for your present symptoms and are not directed at preventing future problems. This book demonstrates techniques on how to apply treatment whenever pain arises and offers tips that help prevent or reduce the onset of pain.

Written by Robin McKenzie. Illustrated. Softcover, 96 pages.

Treat Your Own Hip (book)

Relieve hip pain and soreness with the techniques shown in this book, the latest addition to the best-selling series of self-treatment guides by the late Robin McKenzie, a world-renowned physiotherapist.

Robin McKenzie’s Treat Your Own Hip explains the functions of the hip, common causes of hip pain, and how to use the McKenzie Method® exercises to treat pain. In addition to hip strengthening exercises it includes self-management strategies to help treat pain when it arises and help prevent recurrence of pain.

Lumbar Rolls

Lumbar Rolls & Supports

The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Rolls and Supports correct posture while sitting or sleeping in order to promote a healthy spine and back in accordance with the McKenzie Method®.

They attach securely to chair backs, automobile seats and waistlines for use almost anywhere. Made from high-quality materials, these products are both durable and comfortable.

View all Original McKenzie® Lumbar Rolls and Supports online at OPTP.

  • Original McKenzie® Lumbar Roll™
  • Original McKenzie® D-Section Lumbar Roll™
  • Original McKenzie® Early Compliance Lumbar Roll™
  • Original McKenzie® SlimLine™ Lumbar Support
  • Original McKenzie® AirBack™ Inflatable Support
  • Original McKenzie® Self-Inflating AirBack™ Lumbar Support
  • Original McKenzie® SuperRoll™
  • Original McKenzie® Night Roll™

Cervical Rolls

The Original McKenzie® Cervical Roll™ provides cervical spine support while promoting natural sleeping habits on the side or back.

More affordable than an elaborate cervical pillow and more comfortable than a restrictive cervical collar, this support roll is designed to be placed inside the pillowcase and is compatible with most conventional pillows.

Cervical Roll measures 20"L x 3½" dia. Constructed of low density foam with removable, washable cotton/polyester cover. Made in the USA.

McKenzie Textbook-Lumbar Spine

The Lumbar Spine: Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy®

Diagnose low back pain and design patient lumbar spine therapy protocols using the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy®.

The 2nd edition has been expanded into two volumes, incorporating over 700 pages of updated content including:

  • Up-to-date review of disc pathology
  • New patho-biomechanics data
  • Updated and expanded descriptions of derangement, dysfunction and postural syndromes

  • Also includes the full compendium of study that has been published since 1981 pertaining to the lumbar intervertebral disc and the McKenzie system.

    Written by Robin McKenzie and Dr. Stephen May. Illustrated. Softcover, 728 pages.

McKenzie Textbook-Cervical Spine

The Cervical and Thoracic Spine: Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy®

This evidence-based and clinically relevant text offers in-depth exploration of literature relating to mechanical syndromes and neck/trunk pain.

Second edition is thoroughly updated and expanded into two volumes. Operational definitions and numerous tables provide clinical signs and symptoms to aid the clinician in recognizing suspect mechanical syndromes, or other diagnoses, relating to neck pain, headaches, spinal pathology, whiplash and more. Also detailed are methods to evaluate and prescribe specific exercises/manual treatment techniques.

Written by Robin McKenzie and Dr. Stephen May. Illustrated. Softcover, 566 pages.

McKenzie Textbook-Extremities

The Human Extremities: Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy®

This essential text draws upon the history of mechanical disorders to provide physical therapists and other clinicians with techniques to successfully treat extremity musculoskeletal conditions through mechanical means.

Clinicians empowered with information help patients become involved in managing their own return to health. Rarely discussed concepts are presented in straightforward language and are supported with over 107 photographs, illustrations and diagrams.

Written by Robin McKenzie and Dr. Stephen May. Illustrated. Softcover, 320 pages.

Assessment Forms

Used in our coursework, these assessment forms are invaluable to diagnostic speed and precision. The forms facilitate efficient case notes with space for patient history, examination, test movements, principles of treatment and pain diagrams as determined by the McKenzie assessment protocols.

View all McKenzie assessment forms online at OPTP.

  • Lumbar spine
  • Cervical spine
  • Thoracic spine
  • Lower extremities
  • Upper extremities