MDT Conferences

MDT Conferences


An Extraordinary Opportunity

As an adjunct opportunity to enhance the training and certification provided in the standard educational programming, MDT Conferences explore a broad array of topics to address why the McKenzie Method is so clinically effective and what current evidence the scientific community has generated to support its efficacy. There is always ample time to interact personally with an internationally renowned faculty of spine experts and catch up with old friends and colleagues.

The McKenzie Institute International Conference curriculum focuses heavily on speakers who often include influential figures or researchers who have become interested in investigating MDT or those we wish to be exposed to the McKenzie system. They may have different points of view or may cover different aspects of the topic to show how it can integrate with MDT principles; and it is this healthy debate amongst a panel that is very stimulating to the audience.

The MDT Conference of the Americas region (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and the United States) provides the vehicle that allows for a greater balance of hands-on workshops, lectures, panels, demonstrations, and case presentations encouraging a productive, and often stimulating, exchange between instructors and participants.

While the majority of participants are certified in McKenzie or in the process of training through the Institute, we welcome all those with a peaked interest in the MDT system of care for the spine and extremities.

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Upcoming Conferences

2019 Americas Region: MDT Diplomate-Faculty Symposium
August 2-4, 2019
Miami, FL
*Event is open to MDT Diplomates ONLY*

15th International Conference in MDT
Location: To Be Announced

Questions, suggestions or interest in presenting, contact:

International Conferences
MII Head Office
Raumati Beach, NZ

The Americas Region
Stacey Lyon
Executive Director

Syracuse, NY

Marissa DeVaul
Director of Development

Syracuse, NY