2019 Americas Region: MDT Diplomate Faculty Symposium

Audrey Long, PT, Dip. MDT, Spec MSK
Robert Medcalf, PT, OCS, Dip. MDT
J. Mark Miller, PT, Dip. MDT
Richard Rosedale, PT, Dip. MDT

The MDT Diplomate-Faculty Symposium will provide clinicians with updated information related to current and ongoing research related to musculoskeletal care, MDT clinical updates, innovative management strategies for complicated and difficult patient presentations, creative marketing and business ideas, the opportunity to practice hands on procedures, enhance communication skills and observe live patient presentations. Interaction with Diplomates and Faculty throughout the symposium will allow for discussion, sharing and extended learning by all attendees.

At the conclusion of the symposium, participants will be able to:

Discuss recent and current ongoing research initiatives related to MDT.
Identify issues related to conducting relevant research and areas of need for MDT research.
Effectively utilize changes in MDT terminology, forms and clinical considerations.
Demonstrate increased knowledge regarding improved clinical reasoning and management strategies for challenging patient presentations.
Identify key steps in clinical reasoning and assessment strategies for patients with headaches, spinal area differentiation and spine versus extremity differentiation.
Demonstrate improved communication skills for patient-clinician interactions and patient education.
Demonstrate improved application of clinician procedures.
Discuss and employ successful business and marketing strategies used by MDT clinicians.

Applications for CEUs will be submitted for 16 contact hours for PTs
in states requiring pre-authorization through state APTA or licensing agencies.
When available, approvals will be posted here.
For other states or disciplines not identified, continuing education/medical units may not be available.

Aileen Conway, MI Canada Branch Administrator
Stacey Lyon, MIUSA Executive Director
Marissa DeVaul, MIUSA Director of Development